Nobilette Track Bike

Nobilette White Track Bike 01

This here just happens to be my favorite track bike. Mark’s my favorite builder sure, but the aesthetics and ride of this really speak to me too. I contacted Mark Nobilette about this and he remembers it pretty good detail:

“That frame was built in michigan for a customer who bailed. The frame was built as an all rounder for multiple events. I brought it with me to colorado and had it with me at the veloswap in boulder 1992. I met colby pierce at the swap and decided to let him use it for racing.  He rode it in the national championships the following year. I loose track of it from here, I must have gotten it back from colby, but I don’t remember what I did with it from there.   Thanks, Mark”

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  1. Tim Potter says:

    Mark’s a great builder alright. Met him while still building in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the early ’80s. This is a lovely example but I think his best frames are fillet brazed. He won “Best Fillet Brazed Frame” at NAHBS in 2009 (Indianapolis).

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