Raleigh Competition Road Bike

Raleigh Competition Black 01

This is a nice original Raleigh Competition road bike. It’s in pretty darn good shape for it’s age. These bikes are well known for their really smooth ride quality. This also has Huret Jubilee derailleurs and TA cranks, and an Ideal saddle which is pretty cool.

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  1. Don Gillies says:

    This is probably a 1974 model. In late 74 or early 75, raleigh when to two braze-ons for the rear cable-stop on the top tube, but this has only 1. The 1973’s (I have one) has the capella (not prugnat) lugs. I bet this has either a Wx4nnnn SN (=1974) or Annnnn SN (=1973/4).

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