Raleigh Competition 1983


In 1983, Raleigh was the “Official Bicycle Sponsor” of the Race Across America and gave this actual frame and fork to RAAM as a display piece for their office and trade show booths. About three years later, RAAM founder John Marino gave it to me as a thank you for my work at many RAAMs and RAAM qualifiers (both of which I also raced twice in that same era; I was either racing or working at every RAAM or RAAM Qualifier for 13 years). I used it as a back-up bike at a bunch of events in 1986 to 1989. Then, in 1990 I set it up with the Campy Super Record group and Wheelsmith wheels which were originally on my 1984 Holdsworth and then put the whole bike in a box, never to be ridden nor seen again until now. It’s time to start riding it again! (However, I am setting it up with a Sturmey-Archer fixed gear 3-speed hub instead, as a sort of “path racer” type of bicycle.)

This is the personal bike of Chris Kostman.

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