Raleigh Competition 1969


This is a fun 1969 Raleigh Competition. I got this missing it’s wheels and in pretty rough shape.  The frame is made with Reynolds 531 double butted tubing and joined together with Nervex pro chrome plated lugs. The drop outs, and cranks are Zeus.

For the handlebars I did white cotton tape with natural hemp twine to finish it. Then I did a crosshatch pattern of green twine. There’s about 15 layers of flake amber shellac as the protective coating.


One Response to Raleigh Competition 1969

  1. Don Gillies says:

    I have one of these framesets. The weird thing about it is, the fork is super light (like, 706 grams), and the frame is super heavy (like, 2370 grams), so the whole thing is 3076 grams, in 24.5″ size:

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