Ritchey Mountain Bike 1983


This is my 1983 “Ritchey Mountain Bikes”. This was the joint company of Gary Fishers “Mountain Bikes” company and Tom Ritchey as the builder. Obviously “mountain bikes” became the term for the style of bike which made it look like solely Ritchey’s company which caused and still causes a lot of confusion. Soon after Ritchey and Fisher separated ways.

This bike uses the first year Shimano Deore XT Deer Head components. It also has gold anodized Araya 7x rims which were really designed for BMX use but early mountain bikers used them since they were the highest quality light weight rims out there. Another cool item is the Cook Bros Racing hubs. The Bullmoose bars are iconic of mountain bikes of this era.

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  1. David Sachs says:

    This is the very first mountain bike I ever rode, a test-ride from Gary Fisher’s shop in Fairfax. He gave me a little map to a trail to try out. I got lost and took a couple hours.

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