Ritchey Skyliner Tandem 1994


Tom Ritchey only made 108 Skyliner tandems and this was the last one. He built it for a good friend of mine who worked for him for many, many years. That rider/owner quit riding it in 1998 and I bought it from him in 2008. Of course, the fillet brazing is second-to-none and its a fantastic purpose-built bike for riding dirt roads and trails. We’ve ridden it in two double centuries and other road events, too, with 1.4″ road slicks, but it’s most at home in the dirt where it rolls beautifully and attracts a lot of attention.

This is the personal bike of Chris Kostman.

One Response to Ritchey Skyliner Tandem 1994

  1. Ron Moeller says:

    Only 108 made! Wow, I guess we have a real collectors item. I retired in 1990 and my wife and I bought a new Ritchey Skyliner Tandem. We were in our early 50’s at the time and we enjoyed many long rides. Today, in our mid 70’s we don’t ride as much and the Ritchey mostly hangs in our basement.

    We plan to ride a little more this year. The tandem is still like new and I guess we will be able to sell it for a good price in the future when we quit riding.

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