Rivendell All Rounder 1994


I bought this bike because I had been sponsored by the Rivendell founder, Grant Petersen, when he ran Bridgestone Cycles USA and I wanted to show my support for his new enterprise, Rivendell Bicycle Works. This was the first bike I’d bought in thirteen years as I’d been sponsored by one company or another between 1984 and 1994. This is the first All-Rounder sold to anyone after Rivendell was founded in 1994. As a surprise, Grant Petersen had an “extra” serial number added to the bottom bracket shell that include my initials, “AR” for All-Rounder, and “#1″ because it was the first sold. I didn’t build this bike up, or ride it until the fall of 1998 as it took some time to find all the parts I wanted to run on it. As soon as I assembled it, I flew to Seattle and rode from there to Mill Valley, CA in Marin County in a week. Recently (2009) I had it repainted by Joe Bell, as you see it here. More info about this bike here.

This is the personal bike of Chris Kostman.

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