Santana MTB 1992


The 1992 Santana Moda was the only year Santana made a mountain bike instead of their usual tandems. They didn’t hold back any either.  It’s all fillet brazed using Columbus MAX shaped tubing and has internal cable routing. To go along with the nice frame they outfitted this bike with a full array of Campagnolo Record OR. This was Campy’s top of the line mountain bike group that didn’t last long in the market. Campy OR was built for only one year but remained on the market for two years whilst they tried to sell it all off. The spokes were tied and soldered too which is always a trick modification that you rarely see. This bike has it’s original paint so it’s made it through the years with little to no use.

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  1. Jeff Sutton says:

    Hello, It is nice to see that there the Santana Moda have fan out there. I and a friend purchased Moda’s at the same time from Sharp Bicycle in Richmond, CA. It was the first year of production, 1989 and I got a neon orange bike and my friend got his painted a pearlescent white, from Sanatna. I am still enjoying mine after all these years, though my friend traded his for a Merlin, (his mistake I think).

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