Schwinn Paramount Road Frame

Schwinn Road Chrome 01

The history of the Schwinn Paramount in America is massive. They were the top of the line for the Schwinn company and still very much loved by collectors.

This Paramount has the serial number K922 making this the 22nd frame made in October of 1969. It’s fully chromed which signifies that was not made in Chicago but rather made in Racine Wisconsin by Don Mainland. The Chrome models are built just a little nicer and finished to a higher level than the Chicago Paramounts.

2 Responses to Schwinn Paramount Road Frame

  1. James Harrell says:

    I have always wanted one of those chrome Paramounts. For my first road bike, I could only afford the model below, the Superior. That bike is still going strong 30+ years later.

  2. Marty Kinney says:

    Hello! Beautiful Bike! Someone gave me an all-chrome bike I’m trying to identify. Serial is S2H0514 on the bottom of the bottom bracket. No head badge. frame says: 4130 Chrome Molybdenum butted tubing. Mine has simular “set-screw” bolts in the rear drop-outs which are Suntour. The lugs are not as fancy coming to a point at the top and bottom of the tubes. I thought it was a Super LeTour for a while but most of the mechanics have told me Paramount. Have you any ideas?

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