Serotta Track Frame


This is a really rare frame built by Ben Serotta in 1977 or 1978. Chances are it was built for the US team but I don’t know that for sure. I got this professionally re-painted using a very light metallic purple.

Ben Serotta was one of the pioneers in the use of ovalizing tubing and this frame was one of his first. This was the very beginning of the “aero” craze. The move to aero was really born out of wind tunnel tests that were just being done that indicated the drillium componentry on bikes actually made the bike slower which outweighed the benefits of lightweight drilling of parts.

The fork ends are Zeus and the nice custom rear bridge is great looking. The chain stays have a very clean “bikini” lug where they attach to the seat cluster that’s gorgeous. It’s really one of the simplest and classiest frame’s I’ve seen.

3 Responses to Serotta Track Frame

  1. Dave Grylls says:

    You’ve got to get this right, the frame was built by Ben for me in 1978. It was designed after the 1977 East German flat tube Pursuit bikes. As far as I know only three of these frames were built, a first prototype, then this one and another for Joe Saunders from Maryland. I used this bike at my first World Championships in Munich 1978, just missing the Quarter Finals in the 4000m Pursuit.
    Dave BBQ Grylls

  2. I remember this bike in its original color. Now it Pops! Did JB paint this?

  3. Sky says:

    JB did not do this one. This paint job was by Carlos

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