Steve Potts Custom 1988


Steve Potts bikes are amongst the most valuable in the mountain bike collector world. A quick look at the photos and you can probably see why for yourself. Steve was at the forefront of high end mountain bikes mixed with custom parts and artistic appeal. Steve Potts was one of the partners in the original WTB company as well.

This Potts was built in 1988. Steve Potts as with other Marin County builders were big on the WTB drop handlebars. Because of the WTB bars Steve has his LD stem on this to put the bars in the correct position. The brakes are WTB Toggle cams with are probably the most valuable brakes and rarest brakes out there today in the mountain bike world. This frame also has a Steve Potts Type II fork which is extra burly to handle the power of the Togglecam brakes. In 1992 the bike’s drive train was upgraded to Shimano XTR M900 and the mechanics at the shop in 1992 even found a way to fit the XTR shifters on the bar to work as a poor mans STI shifter. This is the first bike this was done too and since then a few people have done this to their own bikes. The shifters work great actually. Every time I look at or ride this bike the extra long fade on the top tube attracts my eyes every time.

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