Trek 720 Touring

Trek Grey Touring Bike 01

This is really nice Trek 720. The 720 was Trek’s top of the line touring bike and one of the best production touring bikes of the early 80’s. Honestly its still one of the best production touring bikes you could buy. This particular one lived a charmed life and was hardly used. It was garage kept and only was used a couple of times and never toured on. When I got this it had no touring racks or fenders so I added those since it was crying out for them.

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  1. ernest b says:

    very pretty example; clearly an ’83 as evidenced by the cantilever brakes and the Pewter color. (these debuted in ’82 with centerpull caliper brakes and a Taupe paint scheme; i had one of each due to crashing my ’82.) by ’84, however, they were completely different; built with high-temperature electrodes instead of torches and very different lugs.

    upper-level models of the ’82-’83 vintage would have been built with the “’08” component gruppo that was offered at the time, which included Suntour Barcon shifters mated to Huret Duopar derailleurs, Spidel Stronglight tapered roller bearing headset, Suzue seald bearing hubs, and an SR Laprade seatpost… but to bring this most into full character what it needs is a Blackburn front Low Rider rack.

    i put many miles on one much like this until it was removed from beneath me by a woman in a large convertible while on tour in Washington,…

    great bike; production hand-built from the days when Trek actually made great bikes.

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