Victor Vicente Topanga 1979


There is a lot of history associated with this frame. Michael Hiltner was a pro racer and Olympian in the 70’s. In 1976 he set the first record going coast to coast to coast in the United States. In some ways he was the grandfather to ultra distance racing. To commemorate this world record he changed his name to “Victor Vicente of America”.

In the late 70’s VVA living in Los Angeles started to design the Topanga bike for off road use at the same time the guys in Marin were. In a way he was inventing mountain biking at the same time. This Topanga frame here was the second one he ever made and was built in 1979. At this time there were only a handful of true mountain bike frames in the world. VVA’s idea was that the only good rims and tires were 20” so he set out to build a frame using them. Back then the 26” rims were steel and the tires were beach cruiser specific. This frame borrows a lot from the BMX world while the Marin county guys were borrowing their idea’s from the 1930’s beach cruisers.

Victor Vicente says there were 26 of these made.




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  1. Robert Siefert says:

    My dad, Carl Siefert, helped VVA produce these bikes in the late 70’s in our Santa Monica bike shop, Cycle & Sport (now defunct). My dad, brother, VVA and I rode all over the Santa Monica mountains back then. VVA created a promotional poster for the Topanga bike, and I was the poster boy.

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