Williams Road Bike

Williams Gold Road Bike 01

Elizabeth needed a proper bike for rough riding (riding roads, fire roads, dirt roads, and trails on a “road bike”) so I went looking for a classic steel road frame with lots of clearance. I found this online via the classic bike list and bought the frame and fork for $175. It had a decent amount of rust, but no matter: I had it repainted by Cyclart and then I built it up as a 650B wheel size conversion with an eclectic mix of proven, classic components. It has seen many tours of duty on dirt roads and back roads all over San Diego County. I have not been able to find out much about the builder, except that apparently he was retired from aerospace and opened up shop somewhere in Colorado to build frames in the 70s. My hypothesis is that Williams (first name unknown) was one of the many aerospace engineers who lost his job with the demise of the Apollo program in 1972, so he took up frame-building as a second career. The decal is a recreation of the bike’s original logo, of course, and it does feature wings, after all! -Chris Kostman of AdventureCORPS.

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