Wolf Creek Checotah Mountain Bike

Wolf Creek Checotah 01

For a very short period of time you could not get away from these bikes at local races, at least here in California. I remember rolling up to the start lines seeing a quarter of the bikes with that shiny ti frame and Wolf Creek decals. The company was started by Bob Brown who had once been the Team Green team manager for Kawasaki. In 1996 he started the Wolf Creek company importing these frames from Russia. About 1500 Russian built frames and he quite a lot of them went to sponsoring racers. The name came from Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado.

Later in the game Bob started having Litespeed build his frames but that left little to no profit and he pulled the plug on the company in 2000.

I got this frame from on of his sponsored riders and good friends. He put on newer forks and brakes but mostly this is how it was built back in the day.

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  1. tim brown says:

    nice job on the bike !! im one of the original riders for wolf creek gene hill and i went number one and two in the nation for wolf creek back in the day i latter went on to ride for sobe cannondale as a pro . love the picture of the bike brings back old memories

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