WTB Phoenix 1993


For years I heard people saying that the WTB Phoenix is the best riding mountain bike frame of all time. There’s only so much of that chatter you can hear before you set out to test that. Well, I have to say it really is a great riding bike. Those guys at WTB knew what they were doing.

I built this bike up with a WTB toggle cam brake at the back and a WTB cantilever brake up front. The Rock Shox Judy also has the rare WTB custom brace that allows you to either use cantilevers, WTB Sabercam or WTB Scissorcam brakes. The components are a mix of XT and XTR components with WTB hubs and a Chris King headset. At one point I thought about re-painting this bike to make it really pretty but ultimately decided to keep it a little rough so I don’t have to worry about it. These are really rough and tumble bikes meant to take hard miles so it seems a little weird to paint it and make it look like new.


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