Yeti Ultimate


The beginnings of this bike are sort of funny. Mountain Bike Action did a multi issue article on what they thought the ultimate mountain bike frame would be. After all that press Yeti decided to make the Ultimate. This paint color is Yeti’s team color of Turquoise. At some point when I was younger I think I saw a Yeti like this all done up with purple components and when I got this frame I had to go for it. I spent quite some time searching out purple anodized parts for this. Some project bikes go pretty quick and some take years. This one took years.


The components are Shimano M732 Deore XT. The seat post, and bottle cages are Ringle. The headset is Chris King “no logo”. The hubs are Hi-E. The pedals are Grafton’s. I could go with a lot more anodized parts but this setup is flashy while still reliable and not over the top. I initially built it with much more purple but it was overboard.


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