Raleigh Competition & Rivendell Roadeo


Here at the shop we work on a lot of really neat bikes. We’ve become the go to guys for quality repairs and restorations. We work on a lot of modern bikes and the vintage bike owners know to come to us since we have a lot of knowledge and a ton of tools that are no longer available and very hard to come by. You can say we’re just as nerdy about tools as we are about steel bikes. Working on old bikes is a passion for sure since the classic’s are so much more difficult than modern bikes. When we repair modern bikes it’s an absolute pleasure, everything is so easy about them. Continue reading “Raleigh Competition & Rivendell Roadeo” »

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Velo Cult Tweed Ride 2010


Many thanks to everyone who dressed and showed up to the ride. The turn out this year was awesome and we can only imagine how great next year will be! Continue reading “Velo Cult Tweed Ride 2010” »

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Underground Supper Club at the Shop


A little while ago I had some guys come into the shop expressing some interest in doing an underground supper in my shop. It would have been the first one they have done. I said “hell yes”. To me anything that can bring culture into San Diego I am all for. The supper club is an invite only event for just a handful of people. They plan to do these all over San Diego but always in very interesting places which makes me honored they chose Velo Cult for the first event. The invited people were told to go to the Station Tavern next door to have drinks. They were also told to find the pink cowboy and the cowboy would tell them when and where dinner was taking place. Part of the event is not knowing where you are going to be eating dinner, it’s all part of the mystery and fun. The theme of the dinner was The Cuban Dinner Crisis. It’s not everyday you see a bike shop and fine dining together. Thanks for the great event and awesome dinner guys! Continue reading “Underground Supper Club at the Shop” »

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Portland, OR: Miscellaneous Photos


This last post finally concludes the photos from my Portland trip. I will definitely remember this trip not only because I loved Portland but also because it was my first time on an airplane! I just wanted to thank all of our friends in Portland who made us feel at home. Continue reading “Portland, OR: Miscellaneous Photos” »

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Portland, OR: Velo Cult Visits The 2010 Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show


It was great to be able to attend the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show while up in Portland. The Oregon show was very similar to our San Diego show in the sense that it was a smaller, more personal show. It was large enough to give you something to look at for 2 days yet small enough to have a one on one with any framebuilder you wish to talk to. The venue was awesome. It was some kind of old factory that still had machinery in it. It was a nice, open and bright space and was perfect for the show. I definitely look forward to next year. Continue reading “Portland, OR: Velo Cult Visits The 2010 Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show” »

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Portland, OR: Velo Cult Visits Winter Cycles


One of my last stops in Oregon was the workshop of Eric Estlund of Winter Cycles. It was last because it was in Eugene, Oregon which is about 2 or 3 hours from Portland but the trip was well worth it. Eric is well known for his Alex Singer style head tube sleeve that he has perfected over the years. He has really nailed down the function and aesthetics of his frames. You can spot a Winter from a mile away. I especially liked seeing a frame that he built when he was just starting and all the cool racks he has made. I really dig Eric’s work and I look forward to seeing him at the next San Diego Custom Bike Show. Continue reading “Portland, OR: Velo Cult Visits Winter Cycles” »

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Portland, OR: Velo Cult Visits Hufnagel Cycles


One of the larger and more charismatic shops I visited belonged to Jordan Hufnagel of Hufnagel cycles. He rents out sections of his workspace (which is huge) to various craftsmen including a bag maker (Lemolo), a tattoo machine builder and a motorcycle builder. You get the strong feeling of a co-op in this workshop and you can really see creativity, style and motivation being swapped within this shop. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Jordan is making more Townie/Touring/Commuter bikes with vintage style and modern components. Hufnagel has a really unique style and I hope to see more like the bike he built for Mike Giant in the photos below. Continue reading “Portland, OR: Velo Cult Visits Hufnagel Cycles” »

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Portland, OR: Velo Cult Visits Pereira Cycles


All week I was looking forward to meeting up with Tony Pereira of Pereira Cycles. Tony is a master of fillet brazing. He prefers this method because there are less restrictions than there are with lugs…especially geometry. In 2009 Tony won the Oregon Manifest Constructors challenge which is a spin off of what the french did many decades ago. Tony is, for the most part, self taught and now even teaches at UBI. I really love what Pereira is all about and I can’t wait to see more. Continue reading “Portland, OR: Velo Cult Visits Pereira Cycles” »

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Portland, OR: Velo Cult Visits MAP and Ahearne Cycles


Another space I visited was the shop shared by Mitch Pryor (MAP Cycles) and Joseph Ahearne (Ahearne Cycles). This was one of the biggest spaces I visited in Portland and there was tons of great stuff to look at. Joseph builds everything from mixtes to road bikes to off road touring bikes. I remember years ago what originally brought my attention to Ahearne was all of the beautiful, asymmetrical, wood inlayed racks he was making. Joseph really makes some top notch stuff and I can’t wait to see whats next. Mitch builds, more specifically, city, touring and randonneur bikes. From classy french styled stems to chromed porteur racks… he does it all. I fell in love with several of his bikes during my visit. If you are into french style bikes (like I am) check MAP cycles because Mitch is killing it right now! I had a lot of fun at their shop finally seeing bikes I have been drooling over on the internet. Continue reading “Portland, OR: Velo Cult Visits MAP and Ahearne Cycles” »

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Portland, OR: Velo Cult Visits Belladonna


Another shop I visited in Portland was the workspace of Mark Simmons of Belladonna Cycles. Mark had a refreshingly simple approach to frame building. Simply put, he builds bikes to be ridden, not babied and hung on a wall. His workshop is a small self-built garage that is organized and works perfectly for him. He explained to me that using the torch in the winter heats up his small shop pretty quickly. Mark is a super nice, down to earth guy and I look forward to hanging out with him next time i’m in Portland. Continue reading “Portland, OR: Velo Cult Visits Belladonna” »

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