New Velo Cult Hoodies!


After high demand we finally made more hoodies. These are super soft and light…perfect for riding. We got these printed by hand by a local screen printer. Printed on Alternative Apparel hoodies. These are the nicest ones we’ve made yet so get one while they last!

Take note: we ship worldwide!

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New Velo Cult x Chuey Cycling Caps


We just got Chuey to make these awesome Velo Cult cycling caps. Each one is handmade in San Francisco. We went with a cotton twill on the outside and a soft satin liner on the inside. These caps are extremely comfortable and have a nice deep fit.

Take note: we ship worldwide!

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Portland, OR: Velo Cult Visits Vanilla


One of my first stops (aside from Voodoo Doughnuts) was the Vanilla Cycles workshop. Mike and Sacha were kind enough to let me poke around and take photos. Theses guys have their own little frame building compound including a frame building area, bike building corner, powder coat room and custom paint shop. Everyone was really cool and they all seem like really hardworking guys. Sacha White has been building frames for about 11 years and has already become one of the top frame builders of the United States. He really puts out some quality stuff and it was really great to be able to visit his workshop.

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San Diego Tour De Fat 2010


New Belgium has done it again. They put on a bike/beer festival every year at Balboa Park for free. Costumed bike enthusiasts come from all over to drink beer, watch a live band and ride circus bikes. Once, again it was a lot of fun and we are already looking forward to next year. Continue reading “San Diego Tour De Fat 2010” »

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South Park Walkabout – Fall 2010


Saturday night we had our Fall South Park Walkabout which is an event where most of the businesses in South Park stay open late and encourage people to come in and hang out. As always, we were serving s’mores which are always a big hit. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the local businesses and extra thanks to New Belgium for sponsoring our events. Continue reading “South Park Walkabout – Fall 2010” »

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Bike shop wedding: Jay and Katie get married at Velo Cult!


We’re not really sure if this has ever been done before but its definitely a first for Velo Cult. A wedding in a bike shop is such a great idea and fits in perfectly with Jay and Katie’s personalities. These aren’t just two strangers who chose an unconventional venue for their wedding at random. They are our friends and loyal customers who ride everyday and are always helping to push the bike culture in San Diego. The wedding was a lot of fun and we want to congratulate and thank Jay and Katie for choosing our bike shop for this important day.

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Porter: Married from A Wi Mer on Vimeo.

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A Visit to the New Brian Baylis Workshop


A few years ago when we last visited Brian’s shop we saw a bunch of amazing stuff so when we heard that he rebuilt the shop we had to come check it out. The old shop was maybe the size of a double car garage but the new one is a massive 2 story compound filled with bikes, drums, knives and BB guns, which are just a few things Baylis collects, builds and restores. The new shop is just so much more efficient and roomy and is a bike nerd’s paradise. Continue reading “A Visit to the New Brian Baylis Workshop” »

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New Velo Cult Screen Printed Posters


The inspiration for these illustrations came from all the rare classic bikes I have photographed over the years. The prints are void of any bright colors or logos which can often detract from a bike’s true subtle beauty. Simply put, these are illustrations of my favorite bikes at my favorite angles.

These prints come as a set of 4. They are each printed on an 18×24 sheet of thick premium watercolor paper. Also, each print was hand silk screened here in San Diego using a 3 color process. I need to state again that these are hand made and each set is unique in how the ink hit the paper. Only about 5 sets were made, 2 of which are being offered here.

To purchase a set click here. Continue reading “New Velo Cult Screen Printed Posters” »

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New Velo Cult Shirt


The inspiration for this shirt was all the classic bikes we photograph here at Velo Cult. The designs were originally meant to be a set of 4 posters which are now available here. The bikes in the illustrations are void of bright colors and logos which often detract from the simply beauty of steel bikes.

These shirts are silk screened here in San Diego.

You can purchase them here Continue reading “New Velo Cult Shirt” »

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Downtownies Ride with Todd Gloria


Every Sunday we host a ride called the Down Townies Ride. It’s a casual ride that usually ends up at a coffee shop, brunch or farmers market. It’s what we call conversational pace and typically is no longer than 8 miles or so. Just good casual Sunday morning fun.

Recently we got Council member Todd Gloria to ride with us and two of his staff. As far as I know it’s the first time a local politician has ridden with a local bike club. Todd is helping us with some bike advocacy and with him now riding a bike it’s certainly a step in the right direction for San Diego.

If you want to join The Down Townies ride it’s every Sunday at 9am and we meet up at Velo Cult. Continue reading “Downtownies Ride with Todd Gloria” »

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