Downtownies Ride with Todd Gloria


Every Sunday we host a ride called the Down Townies Ride. It’s a casual ride that usually ends up at a coffee shop, brunch or farmers market. It’s what we call conversational pace and typically is no longer than 8 miles or so. Just good casual Sunday morning fun.

Recently we got Council member Todd Gloria to ride with us and two of his staff. As far as I know it’s the first time a local politician has ridden with a local bike club. Todd is helping us with some bike advocacy and with him now riding a bike it’s certainly a step in the right direction for San Diego.

If you want to join The Down Townies ride it’s every Sunday at 9am and we meet up at Velo Cult. Continue reading “Downtownies Ride with Todd Gloria” »

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New at Velo Cult: Linus and Public Bikes


Velo Cult now offers both Linus and Public Brand which are bikes that are built in the style of the Dutch and French city bikes. We are excited that there are companies finally embracing this style of bike and we are happy to carry them. Velo Cult is heavily invested in pushing San Diegan’s to ride their bikes for daily chores and these bikes we hope will flourish. We will Soon be offering the Public bikes on-line also. On top of that we will be offering a Public Bikes and Velo Cult collaboration with a Brooks saddle, different bars, and a hand full of other cool commuter customizations. Contact us for details on ordering a Public Bike from us or stop in to see and test ride the Public and Linus bikes in our showroom. Continue reading “New at Velo Cult: Linus and Public Bikes” »

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Scott McDougal Performing at Velo Cult Bike Shop + Video


Many thanks to Scott McDougal for coming out and playing the show. We are already looking forward to next time.

Scott McDougal performing live at Velo Cult Bike Shop in San Diego from Velo Cult on Vimeo.

Continue reading “Scott McDougal Performing at Velo Cult Bike Shop + Video” »

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New Shipment of Freight Bags


We just got a fresh shipment of Freight bags which includes roll tops, messenger bags and hip packs. The new roll top is amazing and, in my opinion, the best bag to use for bike commuting. You can see the roll top in action here. We can ship these internationally or take custom orders so email us or come check them out at the shop. Continue reading “New Shipment of Freight Bags” »

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Follis Tandem


Here is a tandem I recently finished for my wife and I. It’s a gents/mixte Follis tandem from France. It originally was a touring bike and equipped with all the best touring gear of it’s time. The previous owner was pretty sure be bought it in 1969 and he said this bike had many great tours on it. He also had the bike repainted at some point and he added the pin-striping as well to match a Jack Taylor bike he also had. He got the racks custom made here in San Diego but he wasn’t sure by who. I asked around to several of the local frame builders and none of them remember making them so I still have some investigating to do there. Continue reading “Follis Tandem” »

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Latest Velo Cult Mixte Build

This is our latest Mixte build. It is made with almost all new and modern parts and the frame has been powder coated. Come and check it out/test ride it at the shop or email us here for more info. Continue reading “Latest Velo Cult Mixte Build” »

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SAG Bags in Stock!


We recently received our shipment of SAG from Japan. It is fairly difficult to get SAG products and we only have a limited supply so be quick! Continue reading “SAG Bags in Stock!” »

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Trip to Rock Lobster, Santa Cruz, CA


Last weekend I made a quick run up to Santa Cruz to meet up with the legendary Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster Cycles. Paul’s a super cool mellow guy with a long history of frame building. He got his initial introduction into frame building from Ross Shafer who was the talent behind Red Bush Cycles and the original Salsa Cycles. I asked him about the name Rock Lobster and he confirmed that it was a name he borrowed from the B-52’s. He said that in the early 80’s most of the mountain bike names were either named after the builder or were really macho like Stump Jumper or Rock Hopper and he wanted more of a fun name. Perhaps he took some inspiration from Ross Shafer on choosing the name too. When you go through his bicycle wonderland of a shop you see beautiful bikes and lots of little Lobster toy’s all over the place.  Paul builds with steel and aluminum and has even worked with titanium in the past. Strongly consider Rock Lobster for your next road, mountain or cross bike. Continue reading “Trip to Rock Lobster, Santa Cruz, CA” »

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The Velo Cult Mascot: Moose


This is our “shop dog” Moose. He actually rides to and from work in Alex’s Freight Rolltop bag and loves it. Moose usually spends his days laying in his bed in the mechanics area and greeting customers. So come say hi to Moose or come check out the Freight Rolltops that we carry in the shop. Continue reading “The Velo Cult Mascot: Moose” »

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Restored Motobecane Mixte


Years ago at Velo Cult we started building really nice Mixte bikes. We are huge fans of them we love restoring these cool classics. Some we sell for about $300 which are fixed up and basic and others we fully restore and still others we modify with things like internal gearing and such. A fully lugged Mixte is one of the coolest frames you can start with for a fun city bike with class. We build up and sell lots of really nice Mixte’s so consider us for any future plans with this sort of bicycle. We find that women are inspired to ride and commute when they have a classy functional bike that they are proud of and one that helps them get from point A to point B in style. Continue reading “Restored Motobecane Mixte” »

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