New at Velo Cult: Bilenky


After this years San Diego Custom Bicycle Show Stephen Bilenky was nice enough to drop off his show bikes to be displayed/sold at the shop. We have two track bikes in right now so come and check them out. Velo Cult is now your Bilenky source on the west coast! Continue reading “New at Velo Cult: Bilenky” »

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Cuyamaca Riv Ride


Last weekend I joined a So Cal Rivendell riding group on a fun mixed terrain ride on my new Nobilette Demountable Randonneur. The ride was in the Cuyamaca mountains east of San Diego. It came out to 42 miles with about 5600 feet of climbing and approximately 3/4 of the ride being on dirt roads and mountain bike single and double track. Photos by: Esteban, David, Dustin and Sky. Continue reading “Cuyamaca Riv Ride” »

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Coming Soon: Velo Cult Book


This is the 1st sample of the Velo Cult book. The book contains photos I have taken over the past few years. There are photos of frame builders, rare parts and bikes, riding photos and just about anything bike related. We are in the final stages of finishing the book and are currently looking for printers. If you are interested in being notified as soon as the book is available please email with the subject “Velo Cult Book”. Continue reading “Coming Soon: Velo Cult Book” »

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A New Velo Cult Build – Peugeot Mixte


Here is another of our recent city bike builds that we have been doing lately. This was built for a customer of ours after he saw the Peugeot Mixte we did a few months back and wanted a very similar bike for himself. The frame is a 80’s Miyata touring frame and most of the running gear is stock to that bike. We powder coated it and built it up with some new tasteful parts and an upright riding position. We thoroughly enjoy building randonneur and city style bikes and we like riding them even more. We believe every stable of bikes should include a bike like this for casual riding around the neighborhoods and grabbing lunch. Continue reading “A New Velo Cult Build – Peugeot Mixte” »

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San Diego Custom Bicycle Show 2010: Bike Photos


Over the course of the weekend I managed to photograph pretty much all of the bikes in the show. For people who didn’t make it this year I hope this is an incentive to show up next year! Continue reading “San Diego Custom Bicycle Show 2010: Bike Photos” »

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San Diego Custom Bicycle Show 2010: Show Photos


The 2010 San Diego Custom Bicycle Show was a great success this year! It is really cool to see this show grow and progress and I can’t wait until next year. Thanks to everyone who came by and supported the San Diego bike scene and handmade frames in general. Continue reading “San Diego Custom Bicycle Show 2010: Show Photos” »

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Trip to Santa Ynez, CA: Lighthouse Cycles


Tim Neenan has been building frames for about 35 years. He is well known for being the designer of the Specialized Stumpjumper, Expedition, Allez and Sequoia. He started Lighthouse in 1981 and built beautiful frames consistently until 1996, when he decided to become a full time chef and put the frame building aside. Now fast forward to 2009… Tim started building frames again and is dedicated as ever. Continue reading “Trip to Santa Ynez, CA: Lighthouse Cycles” »

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Keyesville Classic 2010


Every Spring the vintage mountain bike dorks (me included) look forward to the season opener of the Keyesville Classic. This race is 22 years old and I am proud to say that I have been there for 21 of those. It’s easily my favorite race when you include trail quality, scenery, and atmosphere. The course is tucked in the mountains along the Kern River in the Southern Sierras so it’s a fantastic place to ride.  Vintage racers traveled from Colorado, Texas, California, Oregon and Idaho for this event. For many of them, this is the first time they’ve seen trails that aren’t blanketed in snow during in March. Continue reading “Keyesville Classic 2010” »

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Reseda to the Sea 2010


On March 7th a friend and I attended a pretty cool mountain bike event. Victor Vicente of America had one of the very first big successful mountain bike races in the LA area and it was called the Reseda To The Sea race. This race started in 1980 at a time when most people had no idea what a mountain bike was. In fact that was 2 years before Specialized made the first production mountain bike. Gary Fisher of the Bay upset the local crowd by winning the first two races held. Continue reading “Reseda to the Sea 2010” »

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New Velo Cult T-Shirts and American Apparel Sweatshirts


This shirt is kind of a tribute to Randonneuring and Touring but really it could be a tribute to any type of cycling that brings adventure to your life. The t-shirts are printed on AAA. The sweatshirt is really lightweight and is perfect for riding. The sweatshirt is made in the USA. Both shirts were hand screen printed in San Diego. Continue reading “New Velo Cult T-Shirts and American Apparel Sweatshirts” »

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