A Ride By the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla


A beautiful day warrants a ride by the beach in La Jolla. The location of these photos are taken at Glider port near the famous Salk Institute. The views are fantastic and on a clear day you can see Catalina Island off the coast of Los Angeles and if you’re lucky you can catch glimpses of dolphins. Near the bottom of this vantage point is a rather fascinating building. The privately owned building was designed and built by Dale Naegle for Sam Bell (of Bell Potato Chips) in 1965. The funicular you see behind the building running up the cliff takes you up to a private residence that was again owned by Sam Bell. A great day for a ride. Continue reading “A Ride By the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla” »

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Meeting with Council Member Todd Gloria at Velo Cult


Over the weekend we allowed our space to be used for a meeting with San Diego Council member Todd Gloria. It was an open forum for people to voice concerns about their city and discuss various issues. We actually designed our shop to hold events of all kinds so it was nice to see it being used again. Continue reading “Meeting with Council Member Todd Gloria at Velo Cult” »

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Pedal Power Film


We just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out and thanks to for making this happen. It was a good, informative and entertaining film. Continue reading “Pedal Power Film” »

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Bike Ride in Poway, CA


Last week I took my Lighthouse out for a nice ride in Poway, CA. It was good timing because the day after the ride San Diego had a huge storm (huge for San Diego) and everyone was stuck inside for a few days. I managed to take a few photos at various points of the ride which included on and off roads. I rode to the entrance to the Sycamore Canyon mountain bike trail and then came back down. It was a beautiful day and I plan on doing this ride more often. Continue reading “Bike Ride in Poway, CA” »

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Velo Cult Surly Big Dummy


These are two Surly Big Dummies we built for a local family looking to drive less. The Xtracycle setup is already a great way to get around the city while hauling stuff but you can also use it to replace your minivan. With a setup like this you can pick up the kids from school, haul around their stuff, and still have room to go shopping for the week. With this you can always have your spare coat, gloves and whatever else you need to keep comfortable effectively making your bicycle more user friendly. Typically a bike that can’t haul anything doesn’t get used for chores. Users of this type of bike don’t let much get in their way of using their bicycles. Be the cool parents and leave the car at home. At Velo Cult we specialize in helping you figure out ways to make the bicycle more useful in your life. Ride more, drive less. Continue reading “Velo Cult Surly Big Dummy” »

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80 For Haiti – Benefit Ride for Haiti Relief


Benefit Ride for Haiti Relief, February 13, 2010: 100% of all entry fees goes to Mercy Corps: 80 miles for $80! Held on Eastern San Diego County’s Old Hwy 80 and one stretch of Hwy 94: Minimal traffic, no traffic lights and just a few stop signs. A beautiful, quiet route! Three checkpoints plus roving support. Excellent training ride for Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic, our mountainous cycling event in this same region on April 17. For more details: Adventure Corps Continue reading “80 For Haiti – Benefit Ride for Haiti Relief” »

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Trip to Portland, Oregon


Here are photos from a 2009 trip to Portland, Oregon. I was up there visiting friends and never miss an opportunity to visit that town. Continue reading “Trip to Portland, Oregon” »

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Velo Cult Baby: Max


Max is the son of Holly and Jason of Citizen Video across the street from the shop. Max will very soon be big enough to go on bike rides with his parents but for now he is just going to sit there and look cool with his cycling cap! Continue reading “Velo Cult Baby: Max” »

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Christmas Day Mountain Bike Ride in Los Angeles, CA


On Christmas day I was able to go up to the Northern part of LA where I grew up for a quick mountain bike ride. This is where I did all my riding and training growing up and I absolutely love the trails around there. For this ride (for those that know the area) I went up Johnson trail, down Chumash, up Hummingbird and down Rocky Peak trail. I was a bit excited to be riding that day and forgot all about the camera until i was on Hummingbird so all the photos are from that trail which is in Simi Valley.

This ride was also the first real ride on my new custom Curtlo 29er with Action-Tec suspension fork. I was sponsored by both Curtlo and Action-Tec back in 1992 and the frame I got from that year is my favorite bike of all time. If I were homeless that’s the bike I would be going to the beer can recycling station with. So this is my modern day 29er version of that same bike and I have say I’m in love all over again.

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Carrizo Gorge Mountain Bike Ride

corizo gorge 002

A little while ago my wife any myself felt the need to get out of town one morning and as a last second decision we headed to Carrizo Gorge. This is a quite unknown, very desolate, quite illegal, and very spectacular place. This ride was along the “Impossible Railroad” east of San Diego in the Anzo Borrego desert. It starts in Jacumba up on the mountain and goes to Ocotillo Wells at the desert floor with a very mellow and consistent gradient the whole way. It’s about 8 miles long. This stretch of railroad is famous for having the most wooden trestles, the most tunnels, and the largest curved wood trestle. Continue reading “Carrizo Gorge Mountain Bike Ride” »

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