Victor Vicente of America


This is a very rare and extremely cool vintage mountain bike with a great little side story to go along with it. Continue reading “Victor Vicente of America” »

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Clement Record Seta Extra aka “Onion skin”


At first glance I didn’t think much of this tire when I saw it sitting on the grass at a bike swap a few months ago. When I picked it up it was extremely light and felt like a balloon. The tire was unused/unglued but had busted sidewalls. While I was looking at it my buddy John walked up and told me it was an “onion skin” and that Merckx used this tire to set the hour record in 1972. I have done a little research but have not found confirmation to this claim but it seems reasonable since this is one of the nicest and lightest of lightweight vintage tires. Either way it is a pretty cool 158 gram piece of cycling history. Continue reading “Clement Record Seta Extra aka “Onion skin”” »

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Sky’s First Crash. Christmas 1977. 2 Years Old.


Recently there was a discussion about childhood bicycle memories and Sky said he had a picture of his first crash which was him wiped out in the bushes, his bike (more like a kids tricycle/scooter thing) laying beside him, and a huge smile on his face. No matter where we are in life now almost all of us have the common experience of loving, riding and crashing a bike as a kid. Continue reading “Sky’s First Crash. Christmas 1977. 2 Years Old.” »

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Joe Bell Workshop: Spring Valley, CA


Just recently I dropped off my 1963 Rene Herse to be repainted by Joe. It’s a given that a place that restores frames (mostly vintage) is bound to have cool stuff so Joe gave us the tour and let me snoop around the shop. What’s so cool about this shop, besides being one of the best paint shops, is that Joe Bell has a team of very experienced frame builders, painters, repairmen that all have their own specialties. As far as I know the shop houses Joe Bell, Bill Holland, Rob Roberson and Dan Cunningham. This is a very diverse group that all have history in the bike world. You can check out Joe Bell’s website here. Continue reading “Joe Bell Workshop: Spring Valley, CA” »

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Miscellaneous Items from The Bisbee Bicycle Brothel


Aside from photographing the shop and individual bikes I also photographed buried little treasures hidden away in drawers and cabinets. Among my favorites were the Phil grease gun and the Rattlesnake skin saddle. Continue reading “Miscellaneous Items from The Bisbee Bicycle Brothel” »

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Photos from San Diego’s First Tweed Ride


Considering it was raining (this is a strange thing to San Diegans), plenty of people showed up and made this a great event. Thanks to everyone who came out and actually went out of their way to create an outfit. There were some really good ones! We are already planning on scheduling similar rides very soon. Continue reading “Photos from San Diego’s First Tweed Ride” »

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Bisbee Bicycle Brothel: Bisbee, AZ


Before we left Arizona we wanted to visit Ken Wallace who owns the Bisbee Bicycle Brothel in Bisbee, AZ. Bisbee is about 2 hours east of Tucson and kind of in the middle of nowhere. We were expecting an average small Arizona town but we were shocked when we came around a corner, through a tunnel and saw a really cool mining town wedged between mountains. It resembled something you would see in the Eastern United States but very Arizona at the same time. Continue reading “Bisbee Bicycle Brothel: Bisbee, AZ” »

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Bohemian Bicycles Workshop: Tucson, AZ


On our last day in Tucson we visited Dave Bohm’s workshop where he makes Bohemian Bicycles. Dave had a really cool setup at his home. Everything was well organized and clean. By seeing his work area you could tell that he is extremely detail oriented. He showed us all kinds of bikes that he has built, repaired or painted including the first frame he ever built (the dusty red and cream Bohemian). He really does step outside the box by doing things like making his own handmade paint made of earth and minerals and fitting lug cutouts with abalone shell. Dave has some really cool things going on and we are excited to see what’s next. Check out Bohemian Bicycles here. Continue reading “Bohemian Bicycles Workshop: Tucson, AZ” »

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Andy Gilmour Workshop: Tucson, AZ


During our first night in Tucson we visited Andy Gilmour at his workshop. Andy has been building frames for over 30 years and has seen it all. His focus is mainly on lightweight race bikes. Check him out here. Continue reading “Andy Gilmour Workshop: Tucson, AZ” »

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La Suprema Workshop: Tucson, AZ


While in Tucson we stopped by Ed’s shop where he builds La Suprema bikes. The shop is connected to a wood shop that Ed collaborates with at times (check out the orange bike with the huge wooden basket). The shop was full of really creative projects and I’m excited to see what Ed comes up with in the future. Check out the La Suprema website. Continue reading “La Suprema Workshop: Tucson, AZ” »

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