Velo Cult 2009 Fall Social

09 Fall Social 8

Many thanks to Scott McDougall and Triple Chicken Foot for performing and to everyone who contributed to the gathering. Continue reading “Velo Cult 2009 Fall Social” »

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Cutest Hubs…Ever!

Tiny Hubs 1

Continue reading “Cutest Hubs…Ever!” »

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Cook Bros Mountain Bike

Cook Brothers Chrome 1

“Here is a near perfect Chrome plated Cook Bros mountain bike built in Santa Ana California that we picked up recently. It may seem hard to believe but it’s not restored. The only thing we have done was to dust if off. The components show almost no wear and there are hardly any marks on the rims from brake wear. Continue reading “Cook Bros Mountain Bike” »

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BFF BMX BBQ + Velo Cult Afterparty


Continue reading “BFF BMX BBQ + Velo Cult Afterparty” »

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What is in this box?


A collection of bicycle parts that took someone years to find. More detailed shots coming soon. Continue reading “What is in this box?” »

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Drillium Never Fails to Put a Smile on My Face

Drilled Saddle 1

Especially when it is on a vintage track bike that has lived a full life of racing and road riding with its original owner. We are used to seeing metal parts drilled out but plastic? Continue reading “Drillium Never Fails to Put a Smile on My Face” »

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Cool Old Track Photo


Not sure what year this was but the racer in the picture is a shop friend. This photo was found in his collection of cycling memorabilia that I recently had the chance to dig through. There is way more to come. Continue reading “Cool Old Track Photo” »

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What’s with the cork hanging on your saddle?


“In days of old, when bike riders were bold,
and a fixed gear was all they’d need,
with lots of torque they attached a cork,
and rode away with speed.”
Continue reading “What’s with the cork hanging on your saddle?” »

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Free Shipping on all T-shirts

All Seeing Eye Reflective

We just got a brand new batch of Velo Cult shirts! There are 4 new designs and a special “all seeing eye” shirt that was printed with reflective ink to celebrate the launching of our new website. There are very limited quantities on these shirts so they won’t last long. All of these shirts are printed by hand in San Diego by Acamonchi Art Studio. Continue reading “Free Shipping on all T-shirts” »

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Wool Jerseys Now In Stock!

Long Jersey

We recently had these wool jerseys custom made by Woolistic. There have always been misconceptions about wool jerseys. First of all these are made of soft Merino wool. They feel nothing like thick wool sweaters or vintage wool jerseys that were, for the most part, made of coarse scratchy wool. Wool actually does a great job of regulating your body temperature hot or cold. Plus, they just look awesome. We did a very small run this time so order one before they are gone. Click on the image to see available sizes. Continue reading “Wool Jerseys Now In Stock!” »

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