Wool Jerseys Now In Stock!

Long Jersey

We recently had these wool jerseys custom made by Woolistic. There have always been misconceptions about wool jerseys. First of all these are made of soft Merino wool. They feel nothing like thick wool sweaters or vintage wool jerseys that were, for the most part, made of coarse scratchy wool. Wool actually does a great job of regulating your body temperature hot or cold. Plus, they just look awesome. We did a very small run this time so order one before they are gone. Click on the image to see available sizes. Continue reading “Wool Jerseys Now In Stock!” »

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Custom Engraved, Anodized and Pantographed Eddy Merckx Stem and Brake Levers

Merckx Engraving 1

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Camping Trip: Laguna Mountain.

Laguna Mountain Cluster

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Hoarding bike parts

Saddles from our vintage leather saddle collection

It’s amazing how much stuff can accumulate in the bike business. We have a habit of collecting certain bike parts and storing them away to be used on a future project that might require just that part. A lot of this stuff is pretty damn cool so I have decided to start provocatively photographing it. There will be more soon. Continue reading “Hoarding bike parts” »

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The NEW Velo Cult Blog


Welcome to our new blog. We plan to cover all facets of bike culture on this website to promote cycling of all kinds. Collectively we have many passions including photography, design and video. We designed this website to be a venue for sharing what we see on a daily basis so expect to see everything from randonneuring to racing. Continue reading “The NEW Velo Cult Blog” »

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