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Our temporary shop cat.

Temp Shop Cat 05

This little dude just casually walked into our shop the other day. We tied him up (with an inner tube and a zip tie… hahaha) for an hour or so while we tried to contact his owner.

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Cooper posing with some rims

Cooper with rims 02

Rachel took these wonderful photos of her and Tom’s dog Cooper posing with some 17″, 650b and 700c rims that Tom was about to build up. We seem to build a ton of these Synergy rims in the store each … Continue reading

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Daily stuff around the shop– Rivendell Hillborne

In The Shop - Rivendell 02

Here’s what rolled through the shop a few days ago. A real nice Rivendell Sam Hillborne. The customer came to us for some upgrades which we are more than happy to do.

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Sky’s Bernard Hinault LOOK

Skys Look 05

You know, this is just one of those iconic frames that I’ve always had a soft spot for.

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Velo Cult x Caffe Calabria Coffee – Eddy Perckx & Fausto Cuppi

Velo Cult and Caffe Calabria 02

We are finally introducing our new coffee.

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SD Bike Commuter Discount Program Launch At Sea Rocket Bistro.


To go along with our recent Bike Union Launch we are finally posting the pictures from our SD Bike Commuter Discount Program Launch that we had at Sea Rocket Bistro. Sea Rocket Bistro was the very first business to take … Continue reading

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Portland, OR: Miscellaneous Photos


This last post finally concludes the photos from my Portland trip. I will definitely remember this trip not only because I loved Portland but also because it was my first time on an airplane! I just wanted to thank all … Continue reading

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Bike shop wedding: Jay and Katie get married at Velo Cult!


We’re not really sure if this has ever been done before but its definitely a first for Velo Cult. A wedding in a bike shop is such a great idea and fits in perfectly with Jay and Katie’s personalities. These … Continue reading

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The Velo Cult Mascot: Moose


This is our “shop dog” Moose. He actually rides to and from work in Alex’s Freight Rolltop bag and loves it. Moose usually spends his days laying in his bed in the mechanics area and greeting customers. So come say … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Velo Cult Book


This is the 1st sample of the Velo Cult book. The book contains photos I have taken over the past few years. There are photos of frame builders, rare parts and bikes, riding photos and just about anything bike related. … Continue reading

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