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Andrew’s Igleheart Cross Poacher


Andrew was recently at the shop showing off his brand new custom bike by local frame builder Chris Igleheart. The bike was so rad we had

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Ascari Bicycles – Portland, OR


  When Helio visited Velo Cult with one of his recently built bikes we were all blown away. We all wondered the same thing – who is this guy? These bikes have such an insane amount of detail and custom

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Rando The Pug and his Pugeot Sidecar


Paul and Rando the pug stopped by the Velo Cult photo studio to show their recently completed Pugeot Sidecar. Paul was nice enough to send us the history of the project. You can check out Rando’s fan page here. You … Continue reading

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Cycles J Bryant – Ryan’s 650b Randonneuse


Joshua recently completed his first frame built at Velo Cult for Velo Cult customer Ryan. “Ryan came to me when I offered a batch production, semi-custom randonneuse.  I offer these occasionally and

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Introducing the Velo Cult Framebuilding Studio: Cycles J Bryant


This has been in our plans for quite some time but finally we pulled it off. Velo Cult has an in-house frame builder, Joshua Bryant of Cycles J Bryant. We carved out a nice little workspace for him with a

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1975 Hetchins Restoration


We recently did a mild restoration on this 1975 Hetchins frame. We mainly just worked our magic on the chrome and paint and tuned it up. This frame had decades of dust and dried grime on it so its awesome … Continue reading

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Oregon Handmade Bike Show – Bikes

Keith Anderson

The show this year was on Swan Island right here in Portland. Swan Island was the home of Portland’s first airport and operated as such until the 1940’s when it was turned into a Naval shipyard during World War II. … Continue reading

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We built a nice internally geared Ogre last month and I had this hub and frame kicking around. Just gotta figure out a kludge to run a SunTour Power Shifter.

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A customer is sitting at the bar and draws this logo. He tells me how he's had this frame but nobody has been able to place the logo for him. All I gotta say is "NAILED IT"! Another stoked customer.

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Bernard Hinault Look.

Look Bernard Hinault 01

Back on May 4th we did a blog post showing me unwrapping my new old stock LOOK. Now it’s

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