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Found a free TV on my way home last night. Perfect fit for my Xtracycle side-car.

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Ride to Suzie’s CSA Farm


Last Saturday Velo Cult, BikeSD.org and SDBikeCommuter.com hosted a really fun bike ride. We rode though downtown and took the Ferry to Coronado Island. There were about 30 bikes on the little ferry so it was packed in there. From … Continue reading

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Velo Cult Surly Big Dummy


These are two Surly Big Dummies we built for a local family looking to drive less. The Xtracycle setup is already a great way to get around the city while hauling stuff but you can also use it to replace … Continue reading

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A Really Long Cargo Bike We Spotted in Tucson, AZ.


While in Tucson we saw a rather odd cargo bike coming at us. The guy behind the helm was a familiar face that we often see out there. last time we saw him (forgot his name) he had made himself … Continue reading

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Hauling Two Kegs With A Bicycle


Yesterday I decided to return two of the Fat Tire kegs that we had emptied at the shop. I figured this was a great time to pull out the ol’ workhorse Xtracycle. The kegs were empty but still heavy.

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